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You ever make things more complex then they need to be?

1. Combing 6 or more exercises in one workout.
2. Over using equipment e.g stability ball reverse glute bridge with
med ball squeeze, dumbbell press while holding a piece of paper
between your butt cheeks – too much.
3. Combining multiple training techniques in one workout; density,
negatives, high rep, heavy weight etc,.
4. Think more time spent is better and spend over 45 minutes
working out.

At the end of the day, movement is movement…granted the extent of
the movement you do matters (e.g zumba v.s HIIT workout) but
sometimes we make working out more difficult then it needs to be.

LESS IS MORE! And here’s why:

When there are too many options, we tend to overthink the task at
hand and stall on taking action.

Tone down the complexity of your workouts. You’ll find you will work
out more often and at a higher intensity.


Just understand that simple is not easy…always train at the highest
intensity possible.


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