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Sorry for being late today…Sandy hit the east coast hard.

Thankfully I didn’t lose power but everything is a mess right now….some
people even lost their homes. For those of you who are dealing with
real issues like that, my heart goes out to ya.

On a lighter note, I am putting the finishing touches on an 8 week
online group coaching program that I am getting ready to unleash…
I can not wait! Essentially I went back to the drawing board to
focus on just the major areas you need…nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve been doing interviews with random people and current clients
to find out what areas they struggle with most.

So far, the biggest issues I solved in my program that people like
you are suffering from are:

-Trying to follow a restrictive or complex diet or eating plan
– Finding time to workout*
-Removing the things they love from their diet
-Getting bored with their workouts*
-Sick of not seeing results from their efforts*

*For the record, the ones w a (*)were not from any of my current

However I will admit I have over programmed workout programs in
efforts to make them the best possible program and have tried too
hard getting people to eat the best way…

These are two issues that were addressed HARD this time around…
you will not believe what this plan actually looks like, you will be

But to make sure I’m positive I covered all “obstacles,” what issues
do you currently face with your workouts and/or eating?

If you could snap your finger and have the perfect program, what
would it look like?

– how many workouts per week? How much time spent working out? Where?
-How many meals a day? How much restriction?

I am not asking these questions for them to be ignored, let me HELP

Take a few minutes and fire away…I will read each and every respond,
as well as respond with some action points for YOU to move forward.


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