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Last night I went to my power yoga class for the first time, in a
long time and got it good…felt amazing.

For over two years I was working with a yoga coach or attending a
power yoga class at least once a week. Since then, I’ve integrated
several of the best movements into my warm ups & workouts but have not
been consistently going to a class or meeting with my coach.


Because just like you, I am VERY busy. And sometimes our schedules
just don’t work out for us, no matter how much we want them to.

But is that an excuse?

Absolutely not…I still make sure to my workouts and most beneficial
yoga postures in…my absence of doing weekly yoga with a coach
actually inspired me to create
for busy people who just
don’t have 90 minutes for yoga.

Are you finding a way to get it in? (that’s
what she said : ))

However as careful as I program my workouts and as hard as I work on
my own…I need coaching too. There’s something to be said
about someone watching your progress and giving feedback, who cares
about if you get your workout in or make that one change.

In fact EVERY ONE needs coaching; YOU, me and even those freak
professional athletes.

Pretty soon I will be launching my 8 Week Group Online Coaching
Program where the average person, if they follow the program, will
lose up to 20 lbs in 8 weeks. Each week I will be checking in with
you to make sure you are getting after it and to see if you have

The program will work…but will you?

The key to getting coached is allowing yourself to get coached
and this includes two things:
1. Investing in your life by signing up
2. Removing your ego

Are you willing to better yourself?

What about day to day, right now: Do you take
constructive feed back or coaching? Or are you above it?


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