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Look I don’t love stretching either, I’d rather take the time I would spend stretching and get a few more sets in….BUT its something we need to do. Think of stretching as offensive linemen holding blocks in football, the blocks don’t show up on the stat sheet but enable the team to score. Stretching is not going to directly give you six pack abs or ripped arms, but we need to do it in order to continue to train at high intensities and give our muscles room to grow.

Some Other Benefits of Stretching:

-Reduce muscle tension & tightness: Tight muscles lead to pain and immobility. Who wants that shit?

-Increase circulation which will help increase energy levels: Ah yeah and its so true. I challenge you to stretch for a few minutes every morning then drink 18-32 oz of water before going about your day. Check out my morning ritual here

-Increase range of motion of movement in the joints: This leads to poor mechanics. For example, with tight hips and ankles, you’ll never be able to get true depth in a squat. The deeper you can squat, the more muscles you will work and overall calories burned.

-Reduce likely hood of injury: I attribute a good part of my three ACL tears to tight hamstrings and hips…the other part to my quad dominance over my hamstrings due to lack of professional programming from my high school football days – another reason to invest in professional coaching! I digress.

Bottom line is tight joints & muscles will eventually lead to an injury.

Here’s a video I did a while back on some of my favorite stretches:

The Reality of the Situation

I’m sure you are aware you SHOULD stretch…but you are busy and probably neglect it more times than not. In my upcoming 8 Week Group Coaching Program, each workout will finish with just one stretch you HAVE TO DO…each workout’s stretch will be of the most effective stretches so that you can capture those benefits mentioned above.

Is one ideal?

No…ideally you’d want to do 3-5 stretches.

But if it’s the right stretch it can go a LONG way and prevent you from pain & injury. And I’m not doing you any favors by giving you 5 stretches I to do if you’re not going to do 5 stretches.

Plus in the warm up you will be doing some dynamic stretches & mobility work that will keep you mobile & hostile.

Make it your goal today to do ONE stretch, you’ll feel better.


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