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I get asked constantly, how I do lose this? How do I get these lower abs to show? How do I ____(insert the goal here). As if there is some magic exercise or this one special thing. The realty is there is no one special exercise, workout or singular thing that will get you the body you desire.


The tips I’m going to share with you have NOTHING to do with working out. Rather they are principles that if you follow, will not only change your body but your life.


1.       Set a definite purpose and attach a burning, emotional desire to accomplish that purpose. This can’t just be getting ripped or losing weight, you need to dig deep inside and realize exactly why you want to lose weight or get ripped.

2.       Find or develop a definite plan in which you will take continuous action. “Winging it” at the gym or following a workout program in a magazine is like sailing a ship around the world by yourself.

Sure there are plenty of things to choose to do at the gym and the magazine gives you a general program. It’s the same as the fact that a ship can sail just fine but you need to know how to sail it, how to fix minor issues that arise and how to react when the weather gets bad to actually sail it around the world.

To truly have the body you want, you need a coach. A coach will design a program to meet your needs, coach you through obstacles and unknown things that come your way….a great coach is one that gives his client every opportunity to succeed and foresees potential issues.

3.       Tightly close your mind against all negative and discouraging influences; news, cynical & pessimistic people, music etc., and whatever else brings you down. YOU CAN NOT LET NEGATIVITY SETTLE IN YOUR MIND! By nature we are susceptible to things that harmonize with our weaknesses, if we don’t actively monitor this activity we will never get to where we want to be. A coach will help your through the negative, be your outlet to express frustration and keep you on track.

4.       Align yourself with one or more like minded people who will encourage NOT judge you. At m.e.l.t., 99% of our training is in the group environment because social accountability is an extremely powerful force. I am a part of a mastermind group for not just the accountability, but free flowing ideas. When you are surrounded by likeminded people, you are able to solve issues 10x quicker.

Therefore, rather than continue doing only individual online coaching, I have decided to create a dynamic group of likeminded people to offer group coaching to. Each member will receive a professionally designed program, group support and ongoing coaching to tweak whatever issues arise…because issues will arise.

We do not live in a perfect world…there will be dark days and discomfort. Once you can realize this and commit to plowing forward, your life will change for the better. Plowing forward alone is a scary place.

 I am super pumped as I am getting ready to announce the start date of my new online group coaching program because I know how powerful it will be in changing people’s lives.

Understand I’m not a preacher…I live this stuff to not only help my clients but help myself.  Print out these 4 principles and apply them to everything in life.



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