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Election Day here in the States! Make sure to vote, voting is a privilege – don’t take it for granted!

With that said, I’m glad the election season is over. If I see one more political ad, I might vomit.

Regardless of what side of the coin you vote for, one thing I think we all can agree on is we are often promised things that never come true.

Doesn’t that piss you off?

Well, what about all the things YOU promised yourself that haven’t come true? Committing to a regular workout routine, investing in your health by hiring a fitness coach, stop buying and eating food that harms your body, cut down your adult beverages etc,.

What promises have YOU made to yourself that you never followed up on?

Look I don’t write this to make you feel bad about it, we’ve all done it in the past. And I’d argue that it’s society & other “personal trainers” fault. You are told you have to do this, that, the other thing, this thing, try this, don’t do that blab la bla – it gets overwhelming.

I want YOU to declare ONE thing to yourself right now. What habit or thing you will add or change to your daily life to make real life progress towards your goal?

If you get caught up trying to make too many changes at once, you’ll end up like the smooth politician with nice hair and a dorky suit – CAMPAIGNS OF PROMISES WILL NOT COME TRUE ALL AT ONCE.

In my upcoming online group coaching program, I’m taking the best of what works (and has worked for 1000s of people) and delivering it in the most simplistic, easy to follow format. Then I will be providing further coaching to make sure YOU are dialed in.



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