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Basic Knee Rehabilitation Protocol

I say basic because if you feel a tear or pop and experience swelling, you need to get your knee looked at my an orthopedic asap. Aside from that, here are some things you can do to get the knee feeling better:

  1. Ride a stationary bike 15-20 minutes: Often even if there is minor tissue & fluid build up, your range motion in you knee (flexing & extending) will be limited and this directly affects your gait. Riding through a full range of motion will help mobilize the fluid build-up and bring blood to the area.


Don’t need to go all Lance Armstrong in spandex and speed race…on second thought bad analogy with the recent discovery of Lance’s roid use. Either way, just add 2-4 levels of resistance and pedal  casually.

  1. Quad Sets: This isolated contract will help the quad muscles fire better during movement. Lay flat and flex your toe towards your shin and squeeze your quad muscle. Hold each contraction for 2 seconds, do sets of 50.


  1. SMR Around Knee Cap: Often just by removing tissue build up, you can relive a lot of knee pain and movement issues. You can use a tennis ball and/or foam roller as well.


Take 3 minutes and watch the video below, demonstrating #2 and #3




The worst thing you can do when you experience knee or any other pain is do nothing. Too often people let little injuries/pains immobilize them and mentally convince themselves they have serious problems.

Muscle needs to be stressed, otherwise it dies off. When it dies off, fat comes to the party to hang out and fat does not like to leave easy.  Keep moving forward. IF your knee hurts, do the stuff above and focus on just upper body movements. If you are completely immobile due to surgery, focus 100% on your nutrition.

With my upcoming online coaching, I’m going to be offering up rehab advice in addition to advice on whichever issues you have that arise.

Make sure to comment in YOUR questions so I can answer them for ya!



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