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Red Workout Strategy v.s Blue Workout Strategy

I was reading a business book and immediately thought of you. I often get asked; “how do you train?” What’s the m.e.l.t. workout like?” Today I’m going to introduce you to my style of training while comparing two distinct workout classifications; Red Ocean Workouts v.s Blue Ocean Workouts.


1. Red Ocean Workouts: These are outdated, plain and exclusive to one particular style of training.

2. Blue Ocean Workouts: These are constantly getting developed and are often hybrids of both traditional & nontraditional styles of training. Blue Workouts build off the latest research and even serve as research for people looking to new and effective styles of training.


I’d say 75% of people whom workout, follow some sort of Red Workout Strategy. A red ocean workout would be a singular focus on one of the styles of training below:


  • Metabolic Training 
  • Nautiluis like machine circuits
  • Group fitness classes at gyms (aerobic, Body Pump etc.,)
  • Traditional Bodybuilding Workouts (one plus hour a day with high reps, high volume)
  • Text Book Strength Workouts  (4,6,8 reps with the same core lifts)*
  • Hypotrophy (muscle building) Workouts (8,10,12 reps designed with mostly single joint movements)*
  • Cardio (elliptical, bikes, treadmills etc,.)*
  • Yoga
  • Traditional Pilates


Nothing is wrong with any one of the aforementioned workouts; the problem is the singular focus on one style of training. 


A Blue Ocean Workout is a hybrid of one or more of the following styles of training below:


    •  Metabolic Training 
    • Traditional Bodybuilding
    • Underground Training
    • Strength Training
    • Power – Hot Yoga
    • Corrective Exercise
    • Gymnastic Based Body Weight Workouts (not flips and cart wheels)
    • Strongman
    • Olympic Lifting
    • Aerobic Energy System (endurance) Training
    • Active Rest: SMR/Dynamic Stretching/Corrective Exercise/Core Work



My company “m.e.l.t. Workout” was a hybrid form of training I created from my research in and experience with all types of training. It is not only the premise behind the training of all my clients but also myself. One of our core philosophies is Form First, Intensity Second. While it is true the body needs to train in the discomfort zone at a high level of intensity but only after good form is established.


One of the greatest compliments we hear from clients is that they use hate working out, but love the m.e.l.t.  Workout style of training. Now you may love one particular way of working out which is completely fine but once you spice up your routine with more variety, you will reach a whole new level.


Blue Ocean or m.e.l.t. Workouts give your body the necessary balance of the different aspects of training necessary to function and to move properly while enjoying the aesthetic benefits.


I created the Red and Blue Ocean Workout classifications based off a business strategy book called Blue Ocean Strategy. Its an awesome read for anyone who has interest in business or leadership.
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