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I get that friday is the day before the weekend but I hate the fact that people treat it as a day to be lazy.But  it’s friday…I’m just going to _____(insert something that is not beneficial to your body or productive to society).

Life moves too fast to waste days.

Therefore on this friday

I’m going to challenge YOU.

At every opportunity, (and yes in your suit), crank as many push-ups as you can. Keep an on going tally and email me tonight to let me know how many you did. This includes wall push-ups (might be easier in your work place), regular floor partial or full push-ups and decline push-ups (feet elevated).

You could read this and not take the challenge, but is that going to move you closer to the body you want? The life you want to live?

I’ll be doing this push-up challenge with you.

Don’t let Friday or any day for that matter be a waste. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, relax or do whatever else it is you like to do but you shoud move the ball forward EVERY DAY.

I Challenge YOU. Let’s go!

 Look there’s no failure here if you take me up on this…let’s say you only  10 push-ups, five times today = 50 push-ups, atleast it’s 50 push-up more then you would of done other wise.

In my upcoming Group Online Coaching program, you will get an ongoing Combine Challenge that you’ll do three times where we will make sure you beat your benchmark each time.

No one in the history of our world has been successful in anything without taking on new challenges.


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