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“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” -Cynthia Ozick


Whether you are at work or have the day off today, make sure you take a few minutes to show gratitude and be thankful to those who have and are protecting our freedom. 


A few months ago when I was on vacation in Germany, I met a few college students from Israel. The conversation started because they looked at me and screamed “Rambo!” ha ha I don’t know if it’s the mullet or muscular frame but I tend to get that a lot when I’m overseas.



As it normally goes they were asking me about muscle building, pop cultural and American sports. In effort to learn more about them, I started to ask them where they were from. They informed me they were Israel, born and bread.


After talking for a few minutes about their life back home, I was taken back. I mean I never watch the news but I am aware of what’s going on in the Middle East I just never really thought from the perspective of in a War zone.


Yet they were high in spirits, didn’t complain about anything and even quoted some old Yiddish saying that was something to the effect of: No matter what we will keep our faith and continue moving forward.


Why I share this story

We have no idea how bad it is in other parts of the world. People often complain about not getting a new iphone, feeling too tired to workout and worse some people even sit back and let our country OR their families take care of them financially.


Talk to any solder past or current, they don’t risk their lives for you (for us) to wine and bitch about small things. They are serving this country to protect our freedoms and security so we can all live to the fullest.


We should always show gratitude, but make sure you at least go out of your way to thank Veterans and show your appreciation today.


 Aside from giving thanks and support to our Solders, the best way YOU can show appreciation is by waking up blessed to have the freedoms to make a living for your self, take action forward towards your career and achieve health.


And yes achieve health. Don’t ever take for granted your heath, we are not entitled. You need to train hard and eat right.





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