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I refer to Quickies as quick, nasty muscle building & fat blasting workouts that drive your energy system through the roof. What did you think I meant?

And YOU should have one daily.

You may think you don’t have 4 minutes…

You may think 4 minutes won’t do anything…

Well if you do, YOU ARE WRONG!

First off, wake up 4 minutes earlier if you truly don’t have any time. 

And secondly, if done correctly, my Quickies will be that extra bit that will help you breakthrough.

Breakthrough is the small, obvious thing that is right in front of you and easy to implement that literally makes or breaks your success in anything.

Keep in mind these Quickies are to be in conjunction with a normal workout routine but if you have to miss to day for some reason, a Quickie will at least keep you moving the ball forward.

I’m launching my Online Coaching Program ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! The premise of that program is to provide you with a thoughtless solution to breakthrough your current status to the next level and beyond. I supply you with everything you need and nothing more (you don’t have time for filler stuff). I give you some fun & effective Quickies , in addition to solutions to a lot of other “what if” things.

Until then, here is one of the most basic Quickies YOU Can Do TODAY!

-Set a timer for 4 minutes: Go to one end of the room and crank 10 wall, partial, full, decline or plyo push-ups then run to the other end of the room and crank 10 squats or squat jumps. Repeat for the entire 4 minutes.

Do this as hard as you can then you tell me 4 minutes isn’t enough.




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