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Today’s Weekly Question was from Mike in Cali:

Hi Joe. Thank you for the workouts and videos, my wife and I have applied a lot of what you tell us to do, and it has worked well. However one issue I face is that I feel like I hit  a plateau. I bought P90x when it first came out and saw immediate results but the program has nothing to help me further my workouts beyond the three months. Now I take some stuff from that program along with some other stuff but just aren’t seeing results. Thoughts? Thanks

Mike, its AWESOME you are applying this stuff nothing changes unless something changes. P90X is ironic in that the program advertises muscle confusion yet it doesn’t specifically address plateaus. Don’t get me wrong, for an at home solution P90X is a good one…..I mean it is no Richard Simmons Party Off the Pounds but what is?

However its big issue is there the program gives you the workouts along with Tony going crazy, but thats it. This is not suitable for most the population who can’t physically do everything nor for the other end of the spectrum of who blew through the exercises and needs something more.

There are Two Ways to NEVER Plateau 

1. Increase the intensity: You can do this a  number of ways; increase the difficulty of the exercise, change the plane or angle of movement, alter the tempo, increase the weight, use support or assistance, add explosiveness, alter ROM to name a few. 

2. Properly track metrics: Measuring weight loss alone will kill your momentum. Water weight fluctuates too often and lean muscle weighs more then fat. Measure circumference, performance (e.g doing a pull up), how you feel, how healthier you are (making better nutrition decisions, working out more regularly, being more active outside of working out)

In my 8 Week Program, you will get ways to regress or progress every movement and My Plateau Busters Guide so you NEVER hit a plateau and always see results.

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