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We constantly hear about how bad sodium is but is it? Let’s take a look

Sodium’s functions*:

-Regulate fluid balance

-Work with kidneys: Filter & reabsorb sodium, adjusts sodium & water excretion 

-Maintain blood volume & pressure

-Absorb nutrients from digestive track

*from the Linus Pauling Institute 

It turns out Sodium is not all bad and that we need it.

So why do we hear its so bad?

Because like most things, we abuse its use. The average American takes in 3,300 mg a day when the average American SHOULD take in 2,300 mg and for people over 51, African Americans, those with heart, kidney or blood pressure issues , 1,500 mg. HEy now! That’s excess baby

The culprits of high sodium; packaged food, aged anything (cheese, meats), sandwich meats, most carbs, soups, condiments and snacks…OH then there is Table Salt (40% sodium,60% chloride)….which if you are still adding table salt to your cooked or cold food, as Mike Ditka would say “STOP IT!”

Okay okay so too little is bad, too much is also bad. How much do I need?

Don’t eat anything with more the 140 mg per serving and be more aware of sodium contents.

Like most things that are low in ____ or ___ free, there is typically compensation for whatever its intentionally lacking…so low sodium often means high fat or high sugar….endless things to worry about, I know.

That’s why I created Nutrition Cheat Sheets for you in my 8 Week Online Group Coaching Program. You don’t have the time to study this stuff as I do or to have to think about every single thing, you need a easy, small note card to look at and get the answers you need…something you can carry in your pocket.

This is one of the bullet proof features I’ll be giving in my Online Group Coaching Program.

Make sure to be aware of sodium & ditch the table salt.


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