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When athletes train for the Olympics, they don’t just use a generic program. They look at exactly where they are weak and focus on those areas. For example, Olympic runners might study certain splits so see which they need to improve upon.

In fitness; shedding belly fat, toning up, feeling amazing, reducing stress, increasing sexual energy etc., just as the same there are these “splits” or areas you need to improve upon to get to the next level.

I found the biggest, most problematic issues most face are:

-Working out hard on monday & fridays, if at all

-Spending too much time working out and therefore carrying a subconscious voice in their head saying You don’t have enough time , thus keeping them from working out on days they don’t have 45 plus minutes. 

-Making extreme changes to their nutrition and unable to sustain it

When fixing these “splits,” you don’t have to make big dramatic changes…I don’t care what other “personal trainers” say but fitness is SIMPLE. Unfortunately it’s made over complicated by people just looking to make a buck or  millions (P90x, Akins, Weight Watchers). 

For example, one small change I made in my upcoming 8 Week Online Coaching Program is make the Day 1 and Day 5 (typically monday & friday) workouts only 12 minutes long, that you could do anywhere with a pair of dumbbells. Day 1 is the Metabolic Quickie which will boost your metabolism for up to 48 hrs and Day 5 is Ab’s Sculpting Cardio which will strengthen your core, flatten your stomach and also boost your post workout metabolic rate. 

You may be thinking, just 12 minutes? That’s not enough!

Well yes, maybe if its just 12 minutes of any random workout. But I assure you once you get through one of these workouts and start feeling & seeing immediate results, you will not question it.

Not only that, it’s the doing your monday & friday workouts on a regular base that will overtime sky rocket your results…Working out 1-3 times a week, or move but at an inconsistent level will not get you any where fast.

I encourage you to look at small “splits,” where do YOU need improvement? What’s one small thing you can do to improve it?



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