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 Cheat meals are becoming cliché…it seems like every time someone eats something loaded with jiggly calories that it’s a cheat meal ….I think we got this all wrong.


A cheat meal is supposed to be a scheduled, proportioned meal you enjoy as a reward for your discipline that has both a mental and Physiological benefit for you.


Its not the name of every occurrence where you eat stuff that’s bad for your body.


Mental Benefits of a Cheat Meal

  • Accomplishment: A cheat meal is earned and there is nothing sweeter then getting a reward for your hard work.
  • Anticipation: Anytime you plan for something, you have something to work towards and you set off on a journey towards that thing. Whether 7 days or the length of your life, journeys are full of ups and downs, personal growth and achievement – don’t take this lightly. It’s not easy to eat clean throughout the week, week in and week out.  Start enjoying your journey each week towards your weekly reward or cheat meal.
  • Excitement and Joy: We love rewards, awards and any recognition. A cheat meal is your recognition of your discipline the previous week. It’s a proven fact that people who eat whatever they want all the time are more depressed and entitled.
  • Mind Party: When you eat clean 80% of the time throughout the entire year, you pretty much exhaust all choices for healthy things to eat. When you get to cheat, your imagination goes wild as there are no limitations as long as its proportioned.


Physiological Benefits of a Cheat Meal

  • Metabolic Shock: When you eat a certain way all the time, your body adapts to whatever it is that you are eating; good and bad. Even if you were to eat grass and grilled chicken every day, eventually your body would adapt to breaking those food items down and your metabolism would slow down. Cheat meals allow your body to reset. This disruption through your consumption will elevate your metabolic rate.
  • Increased energy? While you will most likely feel tired after a cheat meal, mostly due to your digestive system working harder then normal, the next day you will have more extra calories in your body then normal. Don’t forget, calories = energy! But you can’t let the calories sit – go to work twice as hard as normal the day after a cheat meal (leveraging the excess calories for energy) and crank the exercises you hate doing (deadlifts, pull ups etc,.) OR any weak/lagging muscle groups.


With the holiday season upon us, make sure you leverage your holiday meals as cheat meals – do not fall into the cheat meal cliché mentioned above.


Here’s part of an interview I did with my buddy Ryan Munsey from on prepping your body for a Holiday Feast or Cheat Meal, check it out:

3 Tips to Minimize Damage With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinners 

  • Drink at least .55 x your bodyweight in oz’s prior to your big holiday dinner 
  • Eat only fruit as hungry the day of your holiday feast
  • Bring a healthy entree to dinner so you have something to fall back on – just in case
One of my favorite cheat meals is my Mom’s Lasagna!What’s your favorite cheat meal? Comment below – it’s always fun talking calories :). I want at least 5 comments!

Happy Holidays


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