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Today I’m letting YOU in on a secret: top performers in anything; fitness, business, professional sports etc., do not devote themselves to their particular skill just to get better at it…the secret is that these people actually love the training and practice. This love for getting better translates into constant results and separates them from average.

The twists, the turns, the ups and downs, the unknown – all excite them. 

Their energy for the particular thing is unmatched because the better they get, the hungrier they are and the more they put back into the training or practicing.

Are you obsessed with the result?

OR the Challenge?

If you embrace the latter, the result will be there and you’ll have more energy to take it even further…accomplish even greater results. 

Man is a learning animal and the essence of the species is enclosed in that simple term

Learning – Practicing – Training – however you want to describe it, makes us who we are. Those of us who love to get better, are better. 

The beautiful thing is, You (WE) have the privilege to make the choice.

What’s it going to be?

Embrace and grow to love the challenge OR Chase the shallow result?

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