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New Years Resolutions are hot and heavy right now…duh it’s only the second week of January. But before we even get close to the dipping point , its time to get checked by Larry “Legend” “The Hick from the French Lick” Bird.

Larry Bird was a master in basketball but not because he was tall, goofy, slow and not as athletic as his counterparts….he was a master because he put the work in to get better. 
He’s practiced his butt off since he was 4 years old…
He consistently focused on self improvement, even after winning MVP honors:
“I’ve still got more work to do.” Bird said after the Celtics won the 1986 Championship…
He’d take only a week off after each season before training for 2 plus hours each day in the offseason…
He showed up at least two hours before everyone else for practice and games to shoot free throws…
Bird wasn’t born an MVP caliber player nor a Hall of Famer. He EARNED everything through his dedication to mastery in basketball. 
While New Year’s Resolutions are great to start things with a clean slate and set short term goals, resolutions imply that there is an end. The reality is there is NO end to training and eating right. Sorry.
We are NOT entitled to great bodies and health, like Bird EARNED his MVP status, we must EARNED them.
So How Did Larry Bird Set His New Year’s Resolutions?
He looked at where he needed to improve and worked harder than anyone else to improve em NOT just for 3 months, but throughout the course of his career. 
Nothing magical…just commitment to improvement.
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