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This week’s question is from Charlie:

Joe, I have a hard time squatting down past 90 degrees – I was told this was because my hips are tight? For me it would make sense, I feel extremely tight and sit and drive a lot for my job. let me know -thanks bro. Charlie 

Charlie, thanks for the question brotha. Its likely tight hips are not only preventing your full range of motion with squats but also every day movements, even walking. And like you said, sitting down all day only reinforces tighter muscles & joints.

Did you know?

That hips are likely responsible for most knee and ankle issues? The hip complex is the center of movement for your body, if its tight your movement will be off and that triggers a number of other things to go wrong.

If you sit most the day and don’t stretch your hips ever, there’s a good chance you have developed in proper movement mechanics or will soon. In most cases you’ll figure this out only after hurting yourself, don’t risk it. Get Loose – Feel Good – Move Better TODAY!

Note these will hurt, especially if you have really tight hips. The more pain you feel, the more often you should do em because there is a greater need. If you experience a ton of pain, hold each for 10 seconds, otherwise hold for 15-90 seconds each.

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