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Hey whats up,

This week’s question is from Steve…who may or may not had been drunk when sending this but either way he poses a common, GREAT question:

Eh! While you’re on the subject of answering questions (i know you do it weekly or something) but if you drink black coffee what are the net effects? Im guessing there are next to nothing for calories and it makes you more alert and awake so its gotta get your insides working one way or another. Does it actually burn calories so the intake is a net negative or am I just silly? Shalom – Steven.

Steven, you sound like an interesting dude!

1 Cup of Black Coffee a day is more than good



  • Stimulates your thermogenesis (burn calories as you digest)
  • Suppresses your appetite so you’ll eat less – if it’s black. The opposite is true if you put coke cain (any sugar) or fatty half – half
  • Low Calorie: <10 calories for an 8oz black coffee according to Calorie King
  • Increases your energy & attention: Black coffee is my favorite pre workout drink…most other pre workout drinks are loaded with chemical poop and insane amounts of caffeine 


Like anything too much is a bad thing. If you’re drinking two or more cups, work yourself back down to one by gradually drinking less each day. 


Coffee is ineffective first thing in the morning. I know I know you think you need it to function but trust me you don’t. Rather than coffee, drink 18-32 oz first thing in the morning, followed by a cup of hot water – you will feel better. Save the cup of JOE for when you need it mid morning – afternoon. 

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