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This past weekend I started cleaning out my closet and came up with 3 huge bags of clothes I’m going to donate to charity. It felt awesome to remove clutter and stuff I no longer need.

As I was staring in amazement of the big bags, I started to think about training and how everyone always seems to be searching for a magical answer/exercise/workout/pill/supplement when everything they – YOU need is right in front of you.

1. Have a Dream – a Vision: Everyday when I train, I have mental pictures of how I want my overall body and specific muscle groups to look. Therefore I have a reason to get my ass out of bed at 6:00 am in the cold winter after six or less hours of sleep and to push myself as hard as I can during each workout set.  

It’s important for you to understand that if you want something great to happen or change, you need to first identify it then hustle and put in the work to make it happen…NOT just when you are motivated in January or you’re going on vacation in two months, but every day. If you don’t have a clear vision on paper, how will you know what you are working towards? 

Write down your vision and tell the Universe it’s happening. Refer back to it daily, both when you’re fired up and when you’re tired & upset. 

2. Dismiss yesterday’s bad eating and/or skipped workout: Don’t dwell on what you didn’t do right…who cares? It’s over and will not do you any good to continue thinking about it.

“Yesterday already happened, there’s nothing you can do to change it. The future is fake. Today is the only thing that matters.”

3. When in doubt, train against your bodyweight: Too many people default to not having time to go to the gym or crappy hotel gyms –      “fo gettah” about it. Make your own gym by putting together a series of bodyweight exercises; push-ups, squat variations, single leg deadliest, core movements etc,.

Here’s a Killer Bodyweight Workout YOU Can do Anywhere 

4. Eat more whole foods: Not food from Whole Foods, necessarily but fruits, veggies, RAW nuts, meats/chicken/fish/eggs. 

5. Consistency: Some kid came up to me at the gym the other day and asked me how many years I’ve been training for. His head almost exploded when I told him 12 consecutive years with at least 300 or more workouts a year. The same goes with nutrition. All I ask of my clients is to eat right 80% of the time and drink right 99% of the time, which if you break it down allows for a lot of flexibility. Don’t try to eat 100% clean all the time, it’s impossible. 

And please, don’t buy into other trainer’s or Paleo people’s bullshit – they do not eat clean 100% of the time either…the claim is making up for something else. 

3 months is great start, 6 months you’re starting to develop a great habit and you’ll only breaking ground with one year of training. Note you’re training for life, not a short term, lustful goal. 

There’s  a lot more I could share but if you’re not making the aforementioned  5 Tips happen at least 80% of the time, nothing else for you matters.

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