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How do you jump start your metabolism?



Great question Michelle!


The most basic answer is as follows: Train hard and eat (healthy) 3-6 times per day.


But I know you’re looking for more and I always like to over deliver so here ya go!

These are things I work hard at EVERY day, EVERY week, EVERY Year



The best analogy I’ve ever heard of the human body is thinking of your body as a high performance vehicle. While we’re making this comparison, I want to highlight why I feel strongly about the comparison and why you should too.


We are made to be:


  • High performance yet rugged: We have the ability to be fast, perform at high levels yet we are strong enough to withstand hard comings and all conditions.
  • “Head turners:” This doesn’t have to be merely looks, remember the sound of an engine can get people excited! Think of training hard – not like everyone else at the gym, dressing in what makes you feel good/confident, out performing your peers at work through sheer effort – we can do all these things!
  • Sexy: Ya look good, dam good and this isn’t just my gallon of water talking. Own your unique traits that make you stand out from every one else in the world
  • Efficient: Yes Hummers look cool, but screw filling that thing up! Don’t be a hummer! Which by the way is an interesting thing to call someone, I’m going to start using that….I digress.


What I’m really trying to say is don’t be someone who is purely muscle bound or obese with no mobility, someone who never stretches so they can’t even touch their toes or someone who only does cardio and doesn’t eat enough, who has a low lean muscle percent.


For your body to be efficient; you need a healthy balance of each aspect: strength training, cardio, metabolic training, clean eating, mobility and flexibility.


Contrary to what some would argue, I believe whole heartily we are NOT born to be fat, too skinny, immobile or tight – these things happen because of our environment we grow up in and our lack of effort towards the aforementioned balance.


Any way, Michelle, you asked about metabolism so here ya go!





  1. When I say train hard, it has multiple meanings:
    1. Train at a high intensity: You should be out of your comfort zone for EVERY rep and should not be able to hold a conversation – this does not mean you need to throw up after every workout #somecrossfittersandpersonaltrainersmindset
    2. Train smart: Training hard often means doing the exercise right. Doing exercises as fast as possible without properly resisting the weight is far easier than performing controlled movements with proper activation.
    3. Lift heavier: Muscles grow because of new stimulus and stress demand, you need to constantly provide these two things through heavier weight or an increased level of resistance.
    4. Dear I say “muscle confusion:” Muscle confusion is something that’s been talked about for hundreds of years, but p90x made it famous…in a dumb way. If you follow the first few points above, you are essentially performing muscle confusion as you are giving your body consistent, different stimulus. You don’t need to change your workout every two weeks but you also can’t also do the same workout, month after month.


My general rule of thumb on “muscle confusion:” You can see constant results from one new workout routine each month as long as you are training harder every workout (heavier weight, higher intensity, better form). At m.e.l.t., we give our clients a different workout every night not because they need it, but to keep them engaged in their workouts – one of the reasons why we have a very high percentage of clients consistently train 5-6 days a week with us….as opposed to maybe 3, if that in their previous online or offline workout programs.


  1. EAT! You should be eating 3-6 times per day: Just because Dr. Oz says you need to eat six meals a day does not mean you need to. Sure there are benefits to it, but its not the only way to schedule your eating and in some professions its not even a possibility.


Simply put, eat 5-6 smaller meals or 3 slightly bigger meals each day. For specific details on what, you should check out my meal plan:


  1. Eat foods that increase your metabolism:
    1. Have a protein at every meal
    2. Chia Seeds
    3. Maca powder
    4.   Cinnamon
    5. Caspian (found in hot peppers)  
    6. Celery


To name a few…


  1. Supplement foods that increase your metabolism. I hyperlinked the products below you should be taking to where I purchase mine from:
    1. Greens powder : An easy, no brainer way to get 5-6 servings of frutis and veggies along with some of the most powerful nutrients into the world to help your body maintain a level of homeostasis (optimal for a high metabolism)
    2.  Krill Oil : In short, a healthy fat that helps you metabolize fatty acids not to mention a great anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant .
    3. Protein Powder: Every person who works out should be taking protein for muscular growth (aka fat burning) and recovery.


  1. Drink at least half your body weight in oz’s: Water increases your metabolism. Water doesn’t increase your metabolism – both are true J. Water doesn’t directly increase your metabolism BUT it does enhance your digestion and elimination so it indirectly increases your metabolism. Get it? Moral of this point, DRINK A LOT OF WATER!


  1. Stop eating processed foods and drinks: lipton green tea / Crystal Light / insert other fake juices here, soda, lean cuisines, cookies/crackers, desserts, canned foods, fast foods (yes subway is fast food) etc,. The reality is, all these foods have unnatural ingredients that your body does not know how to process. This disrupts the homeostasis or balance in your body and negatively affects all your systems, including metabolism.



  1. MOVE as much as possible: Even if you’re not working out, get up daily to go for a walk, park further away, pace when you’re on the phone, WALK FASTER – especially if you are in front of me J


There ya have it, 7 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism so you can burn more belly fat.


If you follow these tips, you will see results immediately.


I’m excited to announce I am opening back up my online private coaching for nutrition, workouts and both. If you are interested looking dam good, I mean beach body ready and feeling good about yourself all the time good, email me and I will send you an application:


I am selective in that I only take people who are serious about seeing results, NOT who just want to waste both our time J


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