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Ey there

Question of the Week, from Jen:

Hey Joe! Thanks soo much for all your emails, I really have learned a lot! So, I am going away in March and really want to define my stomach. What’s your #1 exercise for abs? Thanks again ☺ Jen, Brighton MA

Jen, no need to thank me with a double “o” – its really my pleasure ☺.

My Disclaimer To Talking About Abs
It doesn’t matter what abs exercises you do until you are down to at least 12% bodyfat….if you’re not there yet, focus your energy on cranking your workouts and eating & drinking CLEAN.

As for my favorite abs exercise or as Jen said “my #1” ….haha ah man I love girl talk, well sometimes…other times it can get annoying.

The best abs exercise I know is The Pot Stir 
The name alone makes me excited…probably because I envision a big pot of French Onion Soup (one of my favorite cheat foods).

I could of easily went with The Dragon Fly or a Roll Out variation but I chose The Pot Stir because not only does it challenge your anterior core both from a dynamic and stability stand point, it actively works your oblique’s and posterior core.

How it’s done

Plant your elbows onto a stability ball and get into an elbow plank position with your toes driving into the floor, your entire body from head to ankle as straight as possible (heels – knees – hips –waist – back – head aligned) , roll your elbows out as far to the right as you can in a circular motion without compromising your form, then roll as far as you can back to the left completing your circular motion. That’s one rep. Reverse the direction of your stir each rep.

Tomorrow I will post Part II with actual video of the exercises plus a few progressions.

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What’s your favorite abs exercise? Comment below and show some balls – don’t be shy! 🙂