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Yesterday I revealed my favorite abs exercise was The Pot Stir. Today I’m going to share with you a killer variation that will involved not only your beach abs, but also your obliques.

“The W Stir” or Stability Ball “W”

After my email yesterday, I received a lot of great feedback from people who actually tried the exercise yesterday and were sore this AM! Several people had asked me about giving additional exercises to sculpt lower abs, obliques and reduce low back pain so I decided to re-open my 6 Pack Abs in 56 Days Program.

If you haven’t bought yet, you really should take advantage of it.

You will get:

  • The 1 unknown mistake that you are making right now that is wasting your time, hurting your low back and causing you to store fat.
  • How training one specific area of your body will make your abs pop(you will be shocked!)
  • An insane method of working your abs where you get 10 x the benefit of traditional cardio in 1/4 of the time (80% of personal trainers don’t even know about this!)
  • The top secret flaw from Bruce Lee’s training program that has been hidden from the publics eye.
  • Exactly what I did (that has been repeated for hundreds of people like you) to get ripped, visible abs in just 56 days.
  • My Warrior Intensity principals that you can apply to all aspects of your workouts to never plateau again.
  • My top ninja nutrition secrets you can start applying today and start seeing results in your mid section.

The price of this program will be increasing so take advantage of it now – you’ll be shocked by the low cost…which I made it so cheap so more people could take advantage of it. 

Get my abs program here: 



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