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We are getting buried in snow here in the Sun Shine State of Connecticut, ho my ghad!


As the State is closing and everyone is going home, I know the majority of people are going to eat, sit, drink and repeat those three activities.


I love to relax, well sometimes :)…its important BUT when it’s scheduled. If it wasn’t for Storm Nemo, you’d be working and working out as normal (I hope anyway).


As for day drinking…I get it, I know how fun it is but again, make yourself earn the right to “play.”

Take 20-40 minutes today and crank one or both of these bodyweight workouts during Storm Nemo.


Moving a forward a little bit everyday will lead you closer to where you want to be. Doing nothing will bring you 10x further from where you want to be.

Comment below, let me know how ya did!

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