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For your own health & safety and because I care, I’m hip checking you today! I want you to try these 3 exercises and let me know if you’re super tight, tight or good. Chances are you if you sit more than you stand and do not practice yoga 3x a week for 90 minutes, you will be either tight or super tight.

But do not worry…I’m not “good” in this sense either BUT I am getting better. We have to constantly work on hip mobility because of all the sitting we do or suffer from impaired movement and prolong knee, ankle & hip injury.

The hip complex is the center of all movement and therefore extremely important! Today I’m going to give you 3 of my favorite hip mobility exercises to perform. Note these will hurt, especially if you have really tight hips. The more pain you feel, the more often you should do em because there is a greater need. If you experience a ton of pain, hold each for 10 seconds, otherwise hold for 15-90 seconds each.

Comment below and make sure to let me know how the “hip check” goes.

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