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I Can…You can…


I am…


These are things that run through my mind all day and I act on them…but it wasn’t always like this. When I first got into fitness, “personal trainers” had to work for big box gyms, had to take new members to a meeting room, ask them what their goals are, then tell them they need to workout more and eat better (ground breaking realities) then take the person to the weight machine circuit, make them sweat so they felt sore the next day and realized they needed training. Then have them purchase 10, 20 or 30 sessions ahead of time.


Ehlk….I just threw up in my mouth reminiscing about those days….There was no play and no genuine sincerity to set those potential PT clients up for long term success. Even buying 30 session at once? How does that help anyone set up a routine? Eh.


This wasn’t or ist just fitness… society in general seems to value conformity. Fundamental learning in general is often negative; we’re placed in a category and essentially told that’s what we are whether it’s fitness or academic classes that are based off of one or two big tests.


What if you’re not a good test taker? Should you be put into a lower level class without opportunity break that mold or be rejected from a college with an average SAT despite your high grades?


What if you didn’t play sports or exercise your entire life, but as an adult now need to? Should you be categorized as “un-athletic”?


I believe there are two types of mindsets; fixed and growth. A fixed mindset believes those aforementioned limitations exist where as a growth mindset believes in progress, not perfection. We believe that you CAN get better at anything but simply DOING and learning from your mistakes.


A fixed mindset bases everything off of rational or what makes sense e.g sitting down on a weight machine and pressing weight whereas a growth mindset believes in non traditional methods such as using PVC pipes with an uneven amount of water in it for various full body movements.


Growing up, I was one of the kids who was in speech class, reading assistance classes, some level 2 classes OH and I never scored above a 1000 on my SAT’s….none of this stuff made any sense with my high honors GPA in high school and college…Or co authoring an international Best Selling Book, becoming a World’s Fitness Elite Trainer recognized by USA Today or create a company out of the trunk of my car that is now a wildly accepted, playful way of working out that has influenced 1000’s of people….Rationally I shouldn’t of excelled and achieved everything I have at my age…I mean I had a 970 on my SATS.


Rationally someone who has never exercised before shouldn’t join a non traditional, no machine workout program like m.e.l.t and lose 70 plus lb’s, run 5k’s on the regular and have a new outlook in life…but these irrational occurrences happen. And at m.e.l.t. , they happen frequently.


Don’t let anyone place limits on you, regardless of where you are in your life.


No “cant’s….YOU CAN


No “exercise,” instead PLAY…you’ll look forward to it more


Embrace your internal fire, your passion, your energy…no matter how weird or normal it sounds, don’t hide it. Show the world how awesome you are.








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