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Most Fast Food Options are JUNK! I find it hilarious how Dunkin Doughnuts and other obesity enhancers are now calling themselves restaurants. PLEASE! A restaurant is a place that serves high quality food, not low grade, preserved, crap.


I honestly don’t think most of us hate cooking. I think everyone would enjoy it if we had more time but we both know that’s sometimes not possible!


Aside from our m.e.l.t. Meals, there are very few good done for you options out there. Nutrisystem, lean cuisine and others similar to that are NOT good options either as they are loaded with preservatives.  m.e.l.t. Meals has been getting RAVE reviews thus far, if you haven’t checked out our menu yet, take a look (we do ship):


Healthy Fast Food Formula

Step 1  Heat 2 tsp of one of the following in a sauce pan over medium high

  • Plum or Coconut Oil – don’t be afraid of Saturated Fat. If you use an oil, add a cover to avoid splashes
  • Organic veggie or chicken stock, red or white wine, vinegar, low sodium soy sauce, organic lemon juice

Step 2 Add Flava; lemon zest or garlic

Step 3 Add the Good Stuff:

  • Veggies: If frozen, turn down the heat and add these first. Don’t add protein until veggies thaw. Plan to add more Flava in this case due to the water content of the frozen veggies
  • Lean Protein: lean ground turkey/Bison/Pork/Beef, Chicken, Fish or Eggs
  • Legumes (optional): dry or rinsed canned red/kidney/black beans

Step 4 Sauté, stirring frequently

Step 5  Add up to 2 more tsp, of either Flava or a Liquid mentioned above

Step 6 Continue to cook until veggies and proteins are cooked

 OH baby there it is….I’m hungry just talking about it. Eating healthy does not mean spending big $, hiring a private chef or spending hours cooking…you just need to be strategic.

Strategy, Leverage and Efficiency are key aspects to my Nutritional & Fitness Coaching. I’m currently accepting new clients, you can apply here (SPOTS EXTREMELY LIMITED)

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