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Today I am traveling all day to LA for business meetings and yes all day…. for some reason you can’t find a direct flight or a flight connection that makes geographic sense from Hartford to LA. There is no such thing as efficiency when it comes to air travel now a days.


Top 5 Healthiest Snacks For Travel

1. Low Sodium Organic Beef or Turkey Jerky: High protein, great taste, something about eating beef that seems to raises my T levels and makes me feel good. I don’t know what it is exactly, we could point to the good saturated fat, creatine or amino acids found in red meat, but it just feels very natural to me…and when you’re traveling, there is no such thing as natural. You sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers, which amazingly I always get stuck next to the next biggest person on the plane and you are completely deviated from a normal workout, work, eating and sleep routine.


By the way, if you ever come across Salmon jerky, think twice and put it down…as sexy as it might sound, tastes nauseating…

2. Broccoli: I know this sounds crazy, but I love me some broccoli. With broccoli you get high fiber and a feeling of vitality. Broccoli’s density makes it one of the few foods (and there are verrryyyy few foods) that fills me up…this is extremely important when you are traveling all day and all you see is fast food crap and fast food “healthy” crap or food that is slightly healthier and disguised as good for you. Also, you don’t necessarily need to bring a cooler. Broccoli can hold its own at room temp just make sure it stays dry. To keep it dry, add a paper towel to the tuber ware.

3. Coconut True Bars: OH baby…let me tell you. These are the best tasting yet healthiest bars out there. Sure you can buy cliff bars or some other glorified candy bar at the airport, but they’re essentially snickers with protein in em. True Bars are organic, non gmo and loaded with great ingredients. Decent protein & sugar levels plus high fiber and an overall low calorie content. The fact that they are manufactured 10 minutes from m.e.l.t. HQ is an added bonus.

4. Oranges: I love a lot of different types of fruit but I get gross out when I have to put apples in my backpack or in anywhere for that matter where the skin that I eat touches other things. And bananas, please. I can hardly NOT drop my phone…let a lone food so if I pack bananas, they’ll get all bruised up and although there is nothing wrong with that (unless they inside gets exposed to the air) it grosses me out. Oranges are protected with a thick outer layer you don’t eat (or I hope not at least), great tasting, good nutrient content and especially high vitamin C….which is extremely good for your immune system when traveling with sick people and when your sleeping patterns are off.  

5. Oloves: I am skeptical of em but baby are they good and appear to be clean. I am a label nazi …I love checking labels of all foods, especially labels of food/drink I consume and everything with Oloves checks out; low sodium, no preservatives, good fat, protein, low calorie, low sugar and few ingredients. What makes them remain okay to eat without preservatives is the olive oil used to flavor em, which as you know is good for you. The best part is (aside from being healthy) there are no pits in em – what a beautiful thing.


What are your favorite, healthy snack to travel with? Comment below and share.


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