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Last Wednesday and Thursday I was at a mastermind meeting in LA with some top performing people across a ton of different industries. One of my biggest takeaways was a simple question to ask when making decisions; is ____ contributing or contaminating my purpose?


Now a days its so easy to get distracted and start doing things either consciously or subconsciously that bring us further from our purpose.


What things are currently contributing to your purpose?

Scheduled 30 minute workouts? Mixing strength & cardio training in one workout? Your Support System? Telling people your goal? An unflattering picture you keep in your bathroom mirror for motivation? Something daily you affirm or read to keep yourself inspired?


Literally take inventory of everything you are currently doing that is helping your cause and do more of it.


What things are currently contaminating to your purpose?

Not seeking help to accomplish your goal?  Hanging around negative people? Glaring, envious at other people’s facebook pictures or cover (touched up) magazine models? Coming home after a long day and binging? Eating chips or ice-cream out of boredom? Drinking a glass of wine every night?


You may not be a health professional, but I know you know exactly the things you are doing right now that are preventing you from seeing the body you want – what are those things?


Write them down and start removing them from your life.



As you know if we don’t clean up small cuts they can get infected. Let’s close those wounds, eliminate the contamination in your life and start focusing on what adds value.


What are somethings that are currently contaminating your life? This is confidential, don’t worry…its just good sometimes to share with someone else and we are here to help.





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