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 This weeks question was from a lot of people yesterday and something I get asked frequently bc there is SO much confusion on nutrition & fitness out there…mostly because any idiot with abs or computer abs (out of shape online marketers who trick people into buying products through clever copy writing that are not proven to work) post stuff online. There is NO filter, which is why I’m here 🙂

We just launched a Transformation Challenge at my offline company m.e.l.t. Workout and part of the challenge includes a 49 Day Diet.  Almost immediately after emailing everyone about the challenge, I received a ton of questions:


Joe don’t you say dieting is bad?!

I really appreciate this kind of question because it means YOU listen and want to improve your body through nutrition in addition to your workouts. 


Dieting short term is GREAT as long as you:

o   Set a specific start and end date.

o   Do not starve yourself: None of my diets lead to starvation. Firstly starving yourself is NOT healthy and can lead to serious health issues not to mention increase your body fat (even though your weight drops). More importantly, only after I successfully use the diet do I prescribe it to customers.

o   Understand that a diet is just a way to get you re-focused and disciplined with your eating habits NOT a way of eating as they are not sustainable nor healthy long term. And some commercial diets aren’t even safe yet millions do them.

o   Commit to a healthy, habitual way of eating after the diet NOT binging or yo-yoing.


The average person who has done any of my diets loses 3.2 inches in as little as 14 days but mostly 28, 49 or 56 days (depending on which diet). You can get those same results if you follow it to a “T.” Below is a special link to the diet and meal plan I use, note the writing is geared towards men but I’ve had hundreds of women buy it, laugh at the man tone , follow the program and see amazing results. If you’re interested, take a look:


And like I said, there is NO starving yourself.



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