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I’m traveling again tomorrow for business…although I’m pumped for it, I never look forward to the whole traveling part. You know either driving multiple hours or getting tossed around like a ping bong ball with layovers that geographically make no sense…but add another 2 plus hours on to your total travel time. weh 

It can be tough but business requires travel so there should be no wining about it. 

But travel can be a huge burden on your regular eating and workout plan unless you are intentional about how you go about traveling.


Before every trip, you must identify two things:

  1. Will the place I’m staying at have a gym? If so, does it have enough equipment for me to maintain my workout regime?


I travel A LOT and I know how awful most hotel “gyms” can be, so no worries. If upon finding out there is just cardio equipment or a room with no windows and machines, do this:


JC’s Stair Sizzle:

  • Go into the stairwell
  • Crank 10 push-ups on the bottom one set of stairs; against wall, on floor or with feet elevated for more difficulty)
  • Sprint/run up two flights of stairs as fast as you can
  • Hold a wall sit for 30 seconds
  • Jog/walk down


Repeat for 10 minutes straight. You’ll be all day! 

2. What healthy foods can you pack for your trip? Some airports are getting better but most are horrible with their “healthy” food choices. Not to mention, water is marked up 400%.


Therefore, you must:


  • Plan 1-2 healthy, big meals before leaving for the airport (depending on what time of day you travel)
  • Drink .3 – .5 x your bodyweight in oz’s of water:

Tight muscles (which will happen from sitting on the plane & in meetings)



Dehydration (drinking less then .55 x your bodyweight in oz’s per day)




Chug water before your trip. Just as in the office, getting up to pee is a good thing. Otherwise you just get tighter and decrease blood flow.


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I know what you are thinking; I don’t have time to pack foods or __________________(insert other excuses) but the reality is finding these foods in any grocery store takes maybe 30 minutes (including drive time, unless you live in the middle of no where) and you could find 10 minutes to workout, wake up 10 minutes earlier.


Stop looking for excuses, start making it happen!




By Joe Carabase “America’s Fitness Coach For Busy People”


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