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It’s about 10 isn pm West Coast time as I write this, I had an insane busy day: woke up early did some work for stuff back home on the East Coast, Sat on Santa Monica Beach for a few hours then was in a meeting for 9 hours straight…yes 9 hours…but it was very beneficial and worth it.

Anyway, I wanted to address this week’s question:

ck flow buddy.. Been training for about 2 years and have gained great size in every part but my biceps are lacking compared to my triceps.. How many days a week can I train biceps? And how many sets should I do for each bicep workout? Thanks in advance – Mitch C

I think he meant to say sick flow but regardless… you must be strategic in targeting laggingmuscle groups e.g just training one muscle group with more volume and frequency is going to lead to over training.

4 Ways to Improve Lagging Muscle Groups

1. Prioritize: In Mitch’s case, he would want to make sure his Biceps were trained first and separate from his triceps or whichever muscle groups he pairs them with. Additionally, if he were super setting or giant setting, he would want to stop doing either and add more intensity (slower tempo, heavier weight, more reps) to his biceps set.

2. Pre-exuast Big Muscle Groups for more volume: Let’s say hypothetically Mitch trained one muscle group a day. In addition to training his biceps on its own day, train biceps before back exercises on your back day. Most back exercises work parts of your biceps any way and this gives an added benefit to your back muscles. Once you pre exhaust your biceps, you isolate your back muscles more. 

3. Planned Volume: If you’re training biceps twice a week; on back days and then on biceps days (using the hypothetical example above), you need to periodize your volume or cycle the amount of volume you use. With that said, to grow a muscle group you should be training them intensely for at least 16-20 sets. 


4. Slow Pace/Tempo: Rather then just swinging weights or your body around, slow down your reps. Your body will allocate more resources for growth (blood, oxygen & nutrients) .


What other training issues/questions do you have? Let me know, I’m here to help 🙂



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