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Today’s mindset and motivation is inspired from Navy Seal Mark Divine:


“You can do this. I don’t care what you think, your body is capable of at least 20 times what you think it is.”


Coach Divine talks about two very important factors:

  1. Society Constraints: Who you were told you are
  2. Background of Obvious or Boo: How our past experiences directly affects our current self body image. Most of what we are told we are capable is wrong.


Limitations are fake because they don’t exist unless you haven’t attempted something over a reasonable period time with a thought out plan in place and proper coaching along the way, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU CAN DO! Since we were kids there are people and environments in every stage of life that don’t want to see you succeed and place limitations on you. These people who may not want to see you succeed may even be your family or close friends. Whoever it is, the limitation they place on you is a direct reflection with their own insecurities…not what you can or can’t accomplish.  

We often get stuck in instant gratification or the 98 yard touchdown pass type plays. Very few great things happen instantly without a story of trial & tribulations behind it.


For example, 95% of touchdowns are not single, big plays.It’s a long process starting with everything the coach and his staff know about offensive to develop an offensive philosophy, then its teaching professional athletes the basics of the program for 6-9 months, then its 3 months of practicing the plays daily and watching film related to the practices, then it’s the specific tweaks to the game plan each week, then it’s the running of the plays game time and in the moment adjustments that lead to 95% of the touchdowns….very very few things are isolated coincidences.


Break Society Constraints and BOO

For now on, adopt the I can mindset. For example, I can Get Flat Stomach & Abs: Just because you worked out for 6 months doesn’t mean you get abs, depending on who you are and where you are at, the process will take time.


“___________________” – insert what it is you want to do within reason. I’m not saying that any of us could go be a professional athlete if we desire to. I would argue those with amazing abilities who play at a high level who are told they couldn’t be a pro could in fact make it at the highest level to some capacity if they out worked their counterparts and don’t give up.

 TRUST ME, you can. I’ve seen it first hand with hundreds of people accomplishing all types of things.  

 Danny Woodhead is a great example; 5 foot 8 inch white running back that played Division II Football. Very few running backs in the NFL are white, very few are less than 5’10 tall and even fewer (less then 10 in the entire league at ALL positions) are athletes from division II school. Woodhead never heard “no” and worked his butt off to now be a regular part of the Patriots Offense.


4 Steps to Go Next Level – 20x baby!


  1. State your goal: Declare what is it that you want to achieve?
  2. Determine your Purpose: The WHY behind your declaration will seperate you just wanting something to actually accomplishing it  ….Just wanting to lose 20 lbs is not enough. You’ve got to ask, what is so good about that? Peel the onion uncover the real reason behind what you want.
  3. Get truthful: You have to determine where are you currently at and what needs to be done?
  4. Seek Coaching: We all need support, motivation, hard truth and constant tweaking.

 Remember we are on a journey of mastery. There will be ups, downs and “plateaus.” Don’t get too excited when you see progress, too down when things aren’t going perfectly or disappointed when you feel things haven’t changed. Keep a level head and know that through out each of those stages you are on your way to accomplish something great. 

Be Bold

Don’t set safe goals, screw that. Follow the 4 steps stated above and go make something awesome happen. Even if you set a super high goal and you don’t hit it exactly 100%, you will have accomplished an awful lot aiming high. 


Its easy to train hard and go all in when you feel motivated for a short period of time but staying course beyond that stage is crucial for anything big to happen. When you want to quit, remember how much you are capable of if you only keep moving forward. 







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