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The discussion on “beach abs” generally leaves out a key component; breathing. You cannot achieve true core health with dysfunctional breathing. Dysfunctional breathing is the inhibition of your deep core i.e. diaphragm, tva, multifidus, obliques, pelvic floor. Learn to breath better and literally see/feel a difference immediately.

2 Mistakes People Make With Exercise

1. Shallow breaths through your chest.

2. Take a deep breath and drive into an extended position when performing a heavy lift.

Major Benefits of Deep Belly Breathing

▪   Enhance intra abdominal pressure that helps stabilizes your T spine to allow for better strength.

▪   Improves endurance: Shallow breathing is inefficient and can cause you to fatigue quickly because you’re using more areas of the body than you need to.

▪   Reduce anxiousness: This is not just if you’re an anxious person. If you’re performing a new movement or a heavier lift, anxiousness on any level will limit your ability.

▪   Improve pH levels: Proper breathing can improve the exchange of gas within your system and balance your acidic levels. An acidic environment can impact the sensitivity of your pain receptors and cause inflammation. pH levels can be a silent killer for most people who have a poor diet and who have movement issues – especially when you factor in high stress a lot of us deal with.

▪   Maintain the right mindset: Poor breathing mechanics can cause you develop catastrophic “hypochondria” type thinking, in creating issues in your head that don’t exist.

▪   Prevents Compensatory Breathing/Stiffness: Stiffness occurs when you develop compensations from using accessory areas to breath when moving. Deep belly breathing allows the prime mover (your diaphragm) to perform the task, freeing up the other areas of your body.

▪   Pain reduction – mainly in the following areas:

Neck shoulders

Si joint/lumbar

Anterior hip

 2 Deep Belly Breathing Drills To Build Muscle Faster

How Do You Spot Poor Breath?

No body will to kiss or even talk to you.

I kid! 🙂

You can spot poor breathing mechanics the following ways:

▪   Lay on your back, place on hand on your belly, one on your chest and breath normally, which hand raises?

▪   Stand tall and look in the mirror at your pelvis – do you have the tendency to tilt forward? I do and this can naturally cause us issues breathing from our diaphragm.

▪   High stress? Our bodies will always take the easiest path of resistance – shallow breathing is more natural/easier so you will always revert to it. As it turns out, the advice your Mom told you was correct – take a deep breath! 


Breathing along with a proven program that can easily fit into your busy schedule is a sure fire solution for YOU to the body you want fast.

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