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Happy Monday!

Have you ever done something that made you feel uncomfortable?

  • Speak in public?
  • Run a 5k or adventure race?
  • Perform a push-up or a burpee?
  • Talk to someone who intimidated you?
  • Attend an event or walk into a room where you didn’t know anyone?

Did you die?

Clearly not, you’re reading this. And if you’ve never done any of those five things, I’m certain there was something in your life you did that really intimidated you.

The point is; you survived it. Once you survive an intimidating event, your frame of reference changes. It’s no longer, “I can’t run a 5k! I haven’t run in 30 years!”  It’s now, “Damn, I’m out of breath but it wasn’t that bad! I’m going to do another!”

Have you ever seen parents leave their baby with a baby sitter? The baby cries and screams as if the world is ending, and it’s only because of their frame of reference. All they know is their parents are leaving; they don’t understand that the parents just need a drink or alone time but are coming back.


How to Change Your Frame Of Reference for Weight Loss / Fat Loss 

To reach your fitness goals, you need to constantly change your frame of reference.  Here are some tips:

•  SMILE! Your physiological response changes based on your facial expression. Looking like you’re constipated when training actually stresses you more than smiling. Smile and you’ll be amazed at how whatever you are doing becomes easier.

•  Stand tall: Great posture produces the same positive physiological response as smiling.  It should go without saying that you should strive for proper form when exercising, but it’s also a good strategy for public speaking or talking with someone who intimidates you.  Slumped or slouched posture releases cortisol and produces a negative feeling.

•  Visualize: Put your mind in a place where it’s happy, comfortable, and where you want to be. For instance, I visualize myself coaching on a top selling DVD that is helping millions of people at home. When I’m doing a m.e.l.t. workout, struggling and wanting to stop, I visualize myself on that DVD.  I immediately think of the people watching it and not wanting to let them down, and I am empowered to drive forward. I also visualize myself on a beach with palm trees, white sand and clear water – which makes my actual time on the beach that much sweeter.

→→ Where do you want to be? Go there when you want to stop.


Work on Your Body AND Your Mind!

Changing your frame of reference is hard to do.  We have the natural inclination to take the easy path, but often the easy path makes our lives harder. Think of this stuff as a practice where you are constantly working to get better. For example, practicing visualization is difficult, especially in our busy world, but the more you do it, the better you get at it.  Just don’t get discouraged and quit. You are not a quitter.

Once you get to the next level, you’re stronger than you were previously, meaning there’s another level for you to shoot for.

Navy Seals refer to this as “20x,” – something we’ve adopted at m.e.l.t. Meaning that right now, despite where you are mentally, spiritually and physically, you are capable of at least 20 times more than you currently think.

Don’t ever forget, you are the greatest miracle in the world – extremely capable.

Right now is a great time to challenge your current frame of reference – let’s go!







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