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Happy Monday!

The other day I was driving home listening to a podcast and heard an extremely interesting quote from entrepreneur Miki Agrawal:

“Iteration is perfect.”

I found this quote interesting because it basically says the process is perfect. I’m a big believer that no one process is perfect, but I think she is on to something here.

Your journey is perfect because it’s imperfect – that makes sense right? Ha ha…I know, I know this sounds silly but hear me out…

There is no ONE perfect process. You can’t do one program and expect everything to fall into place. Life is full of ups, downs, zig-zags, and pot holes you never see coming – all of which make sticking to a workout plan extremely difficult no matter who you are.

Realize that the true treasure is NOT 20 lbs. lost or six-pack abs gained.  The true treasure is the journey you are on.

Think about a day you don’t feel like working out. If you are solely focused on the outcome you are seeking, you are of the mindset that anything less than 100% will be a failure. Whereas if you are focused on the process, all you need to do is put your shoes on and walk out the door and arrive at the gym, or pull out your m.e.l.t deck of cards and deal yourself a quick workout (don’t have the deck yet? Get it at

You may not bring 100%, but if you bring 50% – that’s 50% more than you would have brought otherwise.  And over time, it adds up.  It’s the workouts that you don’t feel like doing that give you the greatest results.

The only true perfect thing in life is taking action. Even a workout at 50% will make you feel better than you felt before. The better you feel after your workout, the more you will want to train. The more you train, the better you will look. The better you look and feel, the more you will want eat clean.

As Sir Issac Newton stated:

An object in motion stays in motion… object at rest stays at rest.

Always remember that the journey won’t always be pretty. There will be more days than not when you don’t feel like training, so just put your shoes on and get yourself to work out. There will be days where you have few options to eat right, so drink as much water as you can and make the best decisions with what you are given.

Just show up – you are always far more capable than you know.

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