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Happy Monday!

People always ask me the secret to attaining their ideal body.  My best advice always circles back to staying in fighting shape year round.

What is “Fighting Shape”?

In boxing and mixed martial arts, there is fighting weight and fighting shape. Fighting weight is what the athletes compete at for their matches – it’s his/her ideal weight for optimal performance. Fighting shape is what the athletes stay in year round that always keeps them close to their fighting weight.

Think of the ultimate shape you want to get into as your fighting weight. An event you are attending, such as a wedding or vacation, would be your fight. It’s very rare for an athlete to successfully go from the couch to fighting weight without ever getting into fighting shape. The same is true with fitness; it’s very rare for you to from couch to 20 lbs. off or six pack abs without first getting into fighting shape. It’s the same reason why most people who win the lottery end up broke – you have to go through the process of achieving success to know what it takes to sustain it.

How do you get into Fighting Shape?

• Work out when you don’t feel like it, every week of every month throughout the entire year.  Even if you’re tired and don’t have as much energy, the workouts you do when you don’t feel like working out count double.

• Eating clean when it’s difficult, not just when you feel like it. It’s easy to get motivated when vacation is a week away but it’s too late at that point. Focus on eating clean 80% of the time throughout the year.

• Roll with the punches.  Life is full of ups and downs; the key is to never get off course. It’s about progress, not perfection.

Fight the Good Fight

• Identify what your “fighting weight” is and when your “fight” (goal) is but make your goal to get into and stay into fighting shape so that you’re close to where you want to be at all times.

• Keep the right score: Just as boxing judges don’t just score knockdowns, you can’t just score pounds lost on the scale. The most successful boxers are those who land a lot of punches. How do you land punches? Schedule your m.e.l.t. workouts every week & just show up, be as active as possible, and eat clean 80% of the time.

You’re a champion – don’t ever forget it.

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