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Happy Monday!

Have you ever heard that old saying, Poop when you can, not when you have to?

Well, it’s more profound than you think.

Replace “poop” with “work out” and you’ll have the solution for getting into vacation body shape.

The right time to work out is TODAY — not next week or next month. We have the tendency to rationalize things subconsciously because we’re programmed to take the easiest path of resistance. And working out is one of those things we can find a million reasons not to do.

Believe it or not, the challenge here is not finding time.  You do have time, and you’ll find it when you put your fitness in the correct frame.

It seems as though many people feel “justified” not working out because they’re too busy or too out-of-shape.  Yet they are able to do most other things they want to, such as shopping or waiting in line at Starbucks.

If you frame your fitness correctly, time is no longer a problem.

The correct frame is:  Finding the time to work out is a priority to your life. Everything in your life will improve by working out – parenting, performance at your job, energy, how you feel, and your overall health, just to name a few. All those things are also negatively affected by not working out. Understanding this will help you will realize that working out is something you must find time for.

Most importantly, when you work out when you can and not when you have to, you protect yourself from the things we cannot control – aging & surgeries. The best anti-aging medicine out there is fitness. And when it comes to needing surgery or injuring yourself or even getting pregnant:  the fitter you go in, the easier and quicker you will come out.

If you’re an avid who crushes it weekly, make sure to acknowledge and celebrate your consistency! As a fitness “expert” the biggest win you can get is showing up and doing your best every day.  If you do that, everything else falls into place.

If you’re someone who is working out inconsistently or not at all, forgive yourself. Yesterday means nothing right now, so long as you take a step in the right direction. And get excited, because the more inactive you were, the bigger results you will see at m.e.l.t.

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