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The other day I was on a call with my mentor Paul Reddick and he used the perfect metaphor to describe the evolution of the transformation people go through when they’ve lost a lot of weight. I wanted to share it with you because it actually applies to everyone.

Have you ever lost a ton of weight and got frustrated with the scale stopping?
OR saw a ton of progress at first, but then saw less and less?

An amazing thing we see often at m.e.l.t. is people who HATE working out, have zero self confidence and zero desire to exercise become complete m.e.l.t.amaniacs – addicted to working out because of the way it makes them look & feel. By the way, it’s a great addiction because it’s a healthy behavior that positively impacts every other part of your life.

However, there’s a tendency to get addicted to the statistics – the pounds & inches lost.  You might start doing more than your body needs, more than your body can handle, in effort to see more stats.

I’m referring to things like:

  • skipping meals (not eating) because you’re afraid of calories
  • avoiding cheat meals because its so outside of your normal eating
  •, then doing cardio or P90x for an hour
  • WORST CASE – developing poor relationships with food which can often lead to an eating disorder

Look I’m speaking to myself here too…it’s easy to become addicted to seeing huge changes. But when we focus on just that, we lose sight of all the progress we’re actually making. And maybe even put our bodies at risk. Here’s the reality:

  • Food is fuel we need it to burn bad fat and build muscle to tone up.
  • You deserve to enjoy the foods you love – ice cream, pizza, whatever. You can have your cake and eat it too so long as you’re following the rest of our program. In my upcoming nutrition book which is our m.e.l.t. Plan 4.0, I teach you a strategy where you can healthily manipulate your body so “Cheat meals” have no effect on you. Even if you cheat outside of your planned cheat meal.  The book will be here by Summer 2015. Speaking of books, “The M30. Effect” is going through the final round of editing and should be available within the next few weeks! And we’re giving EVERY a copy.
  • Our workouts are designed for one purpose – to get you better results in less time. We take care of the programming & coaching, all you need to do is to be outside your comfort zone as much as possible. If you go as hard as you can, you should not have much left in the tank. A side effect of is feeling more energy and feeling good, which makes you want to do more exercise. But if you’re running daily and especially if you stack your workouts, you’re doing more harm than good. Your body needs enough recovery to burn fat and get toned up.
  • My two greatest fears are number one overweight people who feel so inferior who think they “can’t” and because of that they never do anything. The second fear is people who have bad relationships with food, so bad to the point they feel “it’s the only way” and end up having an eating disorder.

Every now and again I get contacted from casting companies about various fitness television opportunities. Some are great opportunities and some are weird but there was one that I REALLY wanted. It was helping morbidly obese people lose hundreds of lbs. I didn’t get it, but in preparing for the process I learned the most valuable fitness lesson I ever could have learned.

I learned that the reasons why people are obese or have eating disorders are far beyond the physical, and far deeper into dark emotional issues.  Issues that, while irrational to the average person, make complete sense to the person dealing with them.

Wow I digressed…and I still haven’t even touched on Paul’s metaphor. Here it is:

Think of progress like a plane taking off, it needs rapid speed at first to get cruising to an altitude of 20-30 thousand feet. Below that range it gets bumped and above that altitude the plane loses pressure and changes the trajectory of the trip.

 The point is that associating progress with going higher & higher (or losing more & more weight) isn’t always safe because at some point the weight loss, like the plane, has to come down in order for it to safely land.

This is NOT to say you will stop seeing results. At m.e.l.t. you never plateau if you are following the program and are tracking the right things. One of the reasons I’m so excited about our upcoming Get Beach Ready Transformation Contest is because its all about getting small – tangible wins; focusing on the diet, getting more accountable & being more active with the right amount of extras (we lay exactly what for you and how much).

Just as a plane needs cruise control (slow steady progress) so the plane can get to its destination without issue, sometimes you need to focus on slow steady progress so you can keep moving forward to the ultimate version of yourself.

The only difference is that the plane eventually gets to its destination. Your fitness journey, however, is lifelong. The more you start to acknowledge & LOVE the process, the greater the transformation you will make.

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