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Happy Monday!

I have a “LOVE–weight” relationship with certain movements, specifically front squats.  Specifically front squats on a Sunday morning. Part of me feels like I’m getting tortured while another part of me gets jacked up after exploding through the floor after every rep.  Due to my knee history, I use lower weight and higher reps which only prolongs the torture.

What’s the one exercise you have the most love–hate relationship with?

Today I’m going to teach you not only how you can make any movement more manageable, but also show you how to get more out of that movement.

I call this the “Break it Down” technique. Whether you’re working out to timed set or a rep count, you break down the amount of reps into small sets where you focus on 1/3 of whatever the time/reps are that you have to do at a time.

For instance, if you’re front squatting for 12 reps – focus on sets of four. Once you get to four, focus on the next set of four.

When it comes it timed sets, I ALWAYS recommend you pick a set number you think you can do for the entire set then break that down in thirds.

For instance if you can do 9 burpees in 20 seconds, focus on sets of 3.

Which sounds better – 3 reps of burpees or 20 seconds of burpees?

Don’t underestimate the power of your mind.  We all tell ourselves “stories” about every aspect of our lives. The magical thing is that we can change our stories to better help us achieve our goals just by taking control of our mind. Unfortunately,  we can also let stories create themselves based on our history—which is NEVER beneficial for growth.

As Tony Robbins says, “Change your story, change your life.

It’s okay to start small.

I truly believe the lessons we learn through (physically pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone) transcend to all other aspects of life.

When you can see the end in sight, you’re able to push yourself harder and therefore see more results. Not to mention you get the benefit of TOMA, or Top Of Mind Awareness.

Whatever you focus on, grows. Get focused!

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