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take on your fear

Happy Monday!

Last weekend I gave a talk at a conference in New Jersey to a room full of fitness entrepreneurs on “What Happens After Success?“, which is an ironic title given the fact that I’m only a quarter of my way thru life (yes, 120 years old is a very real goal). I was asked to speak on this subject to shed light on the highs & lows I’ve experienced thus far.

I shared some very low points and the behind-the-scenes of some high points I’ve been able to experience. As I reflected back, there was far more to gain from the lows than the highs. 

Here’s the condensed (the “Spark Notes” or “Cliff Notes”) version of the talk:

  • Life is going to happen as it will, the only thing you can control is your mind & your actions.
  • There will be stumbling points/warning signs; these are not in your way, they’re on your way–but if you don’t listen they’ll continue until you have no choice
  • Fear and anxiety are a part of the human element but they don’t need to be constant. The more fearful you are, the further away you are from your truth which makes you feel anxious.
  • Ultimately there’s nothing to fear because it’s going to happen one way or another. This is not pessimistic; it’s the complete opposite. When you choose faith over fear, you’re freed of unnecessary baggage.
  • You don’t have to carry other people’s weight.
  • When “it” does hit the fan, it’s never as bad as you thought it would be.
  • Experiences, both good and bad, are stepping stones. “Failures” are the cost of admission for knowledge.
  • No matter what you do in life there will be struggle, so the art is choosing which struggles are going to fulfill your values and keep you healthy

Today, I challenge you to take on your fear. What’s the worst that can happen? I assure you that what you fear may happen is 10 times worse than what actually ever could happen. More than that, there is always light on the other side–not because it’s over but because you are better.

Perspective is one of the greatest gifts we have but it’s lost if we stay in our own heads.

Write out the answers to these questions: 

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What are the potential outcomes of taking action toward X?
  • What are the potential outcomes of not taking action towards X?
  • If X happens, how can it serve you? (This is not an easy one but it’s gold. Take time to think about and find the silver lining because it’s there!)

You’ll either do or not, but remember: Nothing changes unless something changes.




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