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be a shark

Happy Monday!

Let’s see who is up on their shark trivia…

What happens when a shark stops swimming?

They die.  Well, SOME die. Some species of sharks must swim constantly in order to keep the oxygen in the water flowing over their gills.

Some more fun facts:

  • A shark has an average cruising speed of around 5 mph
  • A shark often circles prey before deciding whether or not to attack
  • A shark can accelerate to 12 mph if they see an opportunity for prey in the short distance
  • The fastest shark is the Mako shark, which has been recorded at speeds of 31 mph

Be a Shark!

Nothing in life moves at full speed all the time. Don’t judge yourself on seeing massive results – feel good about making some progress each day. 5 mph forward is 5 mph forward.

Think of what you eat day to day as your prey. “Circle” your prey; in other words, consider whether or not the food is the healthiest option for you and your eating schedule, rather than just chomping down on whatever’s in front of you.

When you feel good, accelerate! I often admit most days than not I don’t feel like working out (despite working out religiously 5-7 days per week) so trust me–I get it. Think of “I don’t feel like it” as a normal response, accept it, and move past it. But when you’re feeling good, step on the gas pedal!

Every so often, set an ambitious goal for a very focused 3-6 week period of time and max out at your highest mph!

Monday is as good a day as any to attack!




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