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how m.e.l.t. fitness was started

Happy Monday!

The winter of 2010 was my final straw. For those of you who know me well, you know I hate the cold. This particular winter was a tough one.

I was teaching personal training at Branford Hall, training clients at Gold’s Gym, running a bootcamp in Meridan (ha don’t even ask) and had about 10 in home training clients. Needless to say, there were no breaks in my day as I was either driving, teaching or training.

Three situations below really jump out at me as “final straws,” although there were many:

  1. I was getting gas in between teaching a double at Branford hall, on my way to sneak in a workout at a local gym. I should have gassed up earlier but I was in a rush and  figured I could make it a few more miles. I was wrong.  I ran out of gas and end up walking several miles through the FREEZING cold. Did I mention I am a winter wimp?
  2. This same winter, I had locked myself out of my car three times – yes three times. My car was an old Honda accord with a broken door. Every time the door shut, it automatically locked. I remember the same police officer coming in to help me get back into my car…just laughing every time.
  3. One night, after a 12 hour day, I was driving home from Wallingford after one of my 30 minute in home training sessions. I was living in Windsor at the time so the drive was dreadful. Especially on this night as it was snowing and the roads were bad. Despite my caution, my car slid into a snow bank. Luckily I was fine and so was my car, which is fortunate because I wouldn’t have been able to afford to repair any damages.

After the winter was over, I was fed up with my current state and needed a change. I had looked into opening up my own space but had a few issues—the main issue being that I had no money! Another issue was that I had always dreamed of living somewhere warm year ’round, and didn’t know if should commit to opening a gym in New England.

June rolled around and I attended a fitness business seminar in Louisville on the whim. Something told me I had to go, despite not being able to afford the trip—so I went. Sitting in the audience, I heard fitness entrepreneur coach Pat Rigsby say something that forever changed the course of my life. In a nutshell, it was:

The only limits there are… are those you place on yourself.”


In that moment, I decided I was opening a gym.

When I got home, I contacted a landlord I’d been negotiating with and signed a one year lease.

My Uncle Rick and I had already planned to go on a cruise (he had been kind enough to offer to take me) which happened literally right after I signed the lease. The lease was to start in July and my plan was to open in August.

On that cruise, I was on the sun deck looking over the ocean and I started jotting down words, brainstorming to come up with a name. The sun, ocean and palm trees gave me enormous inspiration, and before long the phrase “ m.e.l.t. — more energy less time” jumped out at me, I knew that was it. That moment signaled the beginning of m.e.l.t. Fitness.

SO MUCH has happened between now and then, but the reason I share this part of the story with you is because I believe it speaks to the power of omens.

Omens or signs come in many different forms — even as obstacles. You’ve got to open your heart to them and realize that wherever you are right now is where you’re suppose to be, so you can develop into who you need to be for what you’re destined to do next.

When I was a student at UMASS, I attended an Entrepreneurship Mixer that brought together local successful businessmen with students interested in becoming entrepreneurs. I remember a gentlemen who, when I told him I wanted to open a gym but had no money or plan, said the following:

“Just stay as close to the gym atmosphere as possible. Work at a gym, whether you’re a cleaner, front desk or trainer. Just stay in it/around it, and good things will happen.”  The fact that m.e.l.t. Fitness exists today is powerful testimony to the truth of that statement.


Today I encourage you, whatever you are pursuing – “Just stay in it/around it, and good things will happen.




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  1. This is by far one of the best short Reading’s , I have ever seen, great story, it reminds me of a 52 years young fella I know. Thanks for sharing. Truly inspiring.

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