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Are You Stagnant?

Happy Monday!

The process of changing your life can happen ONLY if you are open and honest with the process and don’t allow yourself to become stagnant. So how exactly do you become stagnant?

Over the years, I’ve seen the following cycle play out time and time again:

  1. You get started during a time where you can apply yourself towards your workout + nutrition (at least to some extent) and are motivated to make changes and see amazing results.
  2. You then get stuck in the rut of life; you’re so busy with your day to day and just trying to keep your head above water. Fitness starts to become an afterthought where you are trying to just make it to the studio and good nutritious meals become few and far between.
  3. As a result, you’re not seeing results you’re happy with, get frustrated with what you perceive as lack of progress, and your motivation decreases OR you perceive what you’re doing is the problem and is not working.

Here’s the problem: if you blame your lack of persistence on someone or something else, you’ll likely seek out someone or something new, start again. But because YOU haven’t changed, you will yet again fall back into the same cycle and your fitness efforts will go stagnant.

So how do you avoid that cycle? How do you break free from it? How do you prevent your nutrition and workout efforts from becoming stagnant? You take a moment and evaluate yourself using my 6 Checkpoints on the Journey to Fitness, as follows.

6 Checkpoints on the Journey to Fitness

  1. Acceptance  You do not have the power to control all the pieces in our life. You will get busy, things in your life will change, injuries /set backs do happen. You can’t control how everything is going to play out.
  1. Understanding  If your expectations don’t map your behaviors, you will never be happy. Referring back to the example above, when you were more motivated; you had a goal, you treated your workouts like doctor appointments, followed most nutritional clean eating guidelines, and saw the results you wanted!!! Weird how that works, huh?

But then your motivation, life and fitness/nutrition behaviors changed for whatever reasons—which is okay. HOWEVER your expectations stayed the same–which is an unfair expectation yet still makes you upset.

Be assured that everything will play out in the end. Don’t let the busyness of your life or things out of your control totally knock you off your path of health. Just recognize that your goals must map the actual effort you are putting in each day, not what you want to put in, but what you’re actually doing. Smaller goals mean smaller outcomes. The important thing is that you are staying on your path!

  1. Flexibility  If life gets so crazy or an injury arises, adapt and find a way to make it work. You might not have as much time or capacity for great nutrition, so shift your focus to eating well when you can and making sure to get in at least 3 workouts. In the case of an injury, change your previous goal to just focusing on recovering from the injury.
  1. ForgivenessWe go through seasons in life where we will be more motivated than others; sometimes we dictate our goals (such as choosing to do a 20 lb. challenge) and other times Life dictates our goals (you hurt your leg skiing).

Don’t judge the season of life you’re in! Instead, take the time to think about where you’re at right now; do you have a deep “why?” to support an aggressive goal? Or should your goals just be to stay healthy?  Or should you just focus on recovering from an injury? Forget what happened to this point and don’t hold yourself to expectations from a different season. Forgive yourself, adapt to what’s happening now and look forward to a new season—because you know there’s always a new one coming!

  1. Action  Starting today, take one hour every 3 months to sit down, reflect and think about the path you’re on. What do you want to happen? What—without neglecting your other responsibilities—can you actually commit to making happening? And don’t say “Nothing” or “I have no time to exercise”—that’s a complete lie and you know it. And if you truly think you don’t have enough time, I’ll create a 30 day program for you with 5 minute per day workouts – at no charge. Just hit REPLY to this message.
  1. Choice  You either want to change or you don’t. If you don’t and your health numbers are okay, that’s fine. If you DO want to stop being stagnant, don’t suffer in silence!  Ask your coaches for help – we are here for you!

Ya know, I offered FREE coaching calls last week and only 2 people took me up on it!!! But those two amazing people now have a solid direction and renewed focus.  Don’t you want that for yourself?

I just offered to write you a free 5 minute per day program!

You get to choose what happens next…



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2 responses to “Are You Stagnant? — Monday Motivation

  1. Hi Joe,
    You mentioned in one of your podcasts (which I love), that you will be having an immersion weekend in October but weren’t sure of the dates yet. Any chance you’ve nailed down a date? I’m possibly interested, and the sooner I put in for some personal time, the better my chances. I also have a wedding in October, so we’ll see how it all works!

    Hope your back is feeling better!


    1. Hey Theresa! So good to hear :). We don’t have a date yet but are looking to lock that in once our new place down here starts to settle, over next few weeks! You’ll be the first to know so we know, what date is your wedding? I have some open dates im considering but if we canmake it work, we’ll pick around that weekend!

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