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You Are Your Experiences

Happy Monday!


I felt amazing after I left UPS the other day.


There was a printer that had been sitting in my car for over a week that I been meaning to send back to Amazon, because its double sided printing was awful. But I had been busy so it was just riding around with me.


Every time I’d get in my car, I’d shake my head.


Similarly, I had ordered a rack for our boxing bags. But it was just too bulky, so the pieces were against the wall while I was trying to sell it. I thought I had a buyer, but they sent a check and it turned out to be a fraud scheme–which is an FYI to be careful when selling stuff online!. In any event, the 12-foot pieces were just sitting there and every day it would annoy me just to see them because they were an aesthetic eyesore.


When I discovered the check was fraudulent, the first thing I did was put those pieces in the closet and get them out of my sight. Instantly, I felt better.


And here is where I am going with this: YOU ARE YOUR EXPERIENCES!


There was no separation between me and that box in the car or the pieces lying around the studio. They were a part of me. As silly as that sounds, your environment is part of your life experiences.


If your environment is cluttered and an annoyance to you, even as small as the examples I shared are, it will negatively impact you and bring down your day. The more of this stuff there is in your life, the more it will magnify your bad mood. And that’s a big deal, because your mood is your existence.


We have enough to worry about, why not create the best environment/experiences around us so they can bring us up, rather than take us down?


Dr. Jordan B. Peterson said something to the extent of, ‘Anything that is everyday is a large part of your life, so don’t do/allow something painful and stupid.’ 


What is the printer box in your life?


Take a second to think about how much it actually impacts you. Sure, it may just be sitting in your car and you may only be in your car for an hour total a day but that’s still a significant part of your day.


As we always talk about at m.e.l.t. and IN30, it’s the small steps—the tiny bits of progress— that make the biggest difference. Life is too short to keep tripping over the same annoyances again and again.  So let’s focus on controlling what we can in our environments to make each day as positive, clear, & inspiring as possible?










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