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Is Your Ego Holding You Back?

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We all have an ego. Philosophers refer to it as the small self because it essentially acts like a child.  It’s the part of us that always wants more, wants to act irrationally, and wants to whine and complain endlessly.


When I first started to study the ego, I was blown away.


I always thought ego was tied directly to being arrogant or conceited. At first I was taken back because I take some pride in not being an egotistical jerk (those people are the worst!).  Then I realized that was just my ego getting defensive.


Observe Your Ego in Action


I started to observe my ego in action, because awareness is the first step to creating positive change. That observation was a real eye-opener!


Thoughts like these were a strong indicator that my ego was running unchecked:

  • “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”
  • “Are you kidding me?!”
  • “I just can’t ever win!!”


Have you ever caught yourself reacting to situations—albeit stressful ones—as if the sky was falling? Have you ever let one dumb thing or some minor life stressor ruin your day/week/year?


You can thank your ego for that.


The other day someone commented on my Instagram, along the lines of:

“You think finding time to work out now is hard, wait until you have kids! I’d like to see this page then!”


Fair enough. My schedule running multiple businesses IS insane. There’s no doubt I have a lot to figure out before I have kids and there’s no question having kids makes living a healthy life style that much more challenging.


But…so what?


Okay, you have kids. You are not the only one. We have hundreds of members with kids in our own small communities who manage to find a way to get in and stay in great shape…not to mention the millions of people all over the world.


Our ego works overtime to try and make us believe we have it so bad—worse than anyone else! But the reality is no matter how bad we think we have it at times, there are thousands (if not millions) of people who have overcome the exact same issues or much more difficult ones.


So what good is it going to do to complain about it?


Trust me, I don’t minimize anyone’s challenges but to act as if life was supposed to be easy is utter nonsense.


I believe in action. So my reply to that comment was solution-based. I told the commenter:
Rather than compare yourself to someone who doesn’t have kids, or compare yourself to you when you didn’t have kids–how about comparing yourself to who you were yesterday?


What did you do today that has made you better?


If you can answer that question every day, there is no challenge that can hold you back.






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