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On Removing Your Limits

Happy Monday!

“The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. Limits are not real.” – Pat Rigsby


That quote was the catalyst to my starting m.e.l.t. 8 years ago.


It had been a year since I had graduated from college.  I was training people out of my car, online, in home, at various gyms and teaching personal training. I wanted to open up a studio but wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to live or if I could make it work.


It was something I debated back and forth for quite a while. Then something clicked inside when I heard that quote. I went home from the conference I was at (that I really couldn’t afford to attend), signed the lease, and the rest is history.


I see this same process play out all the time inside m.e.l.t. & IN30 with people who either know they need to work out in a highly effective manner, (what we do) or who just aren’t sure if they are capable of our workout.


They are drawn to us by our positive messages, they start, and IGNITE a fire deep inside. Months (if not weeks) later, they’re doing things they never thought they were physcially capable of, and standing taller….it’s as if they broke out of a box–a box of self-imposed limits.


Here’s what’s cool when you break through your limits: you realize that you already are, so all you have to do is be. We often think we need to “become” fit before we attempt X, Y, or Z. But you already are a perfectly imperfect designed machine who can handle 99% of most physical tasks you could ever want to do. Just because you’ve never done X, Y, or Z yet doesn’t mean you can’t.


You weren’t born a driver. Driving a car wasn’t even a thing humans did 150 years ago. And news flash– our species has not evolved (regrettably) since then.  But the automobile was created, popularized, and we all learned how to drive.  And now you’re a driver…


All this to say that breaking out of that box to find this self-actualization is no easy task. It’s scary.


Self-Imposed Limits: What if THIS OR THAT…


Having built several successful businesses from scratch and having helped 1000’s of people—some of whom wrongly believed they were beyond help—please hear me:  YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE.


I’m not going to paint this fantasy of “Yeah, rah rah, go for it, ask and you shall receive” because that’s not how it will be. When you thought it was scary, you were right.  There is unknown involved with anything we’ve never done before, and that can be scary.


But it’s far riskier to not “go for it” at all. Especially in fitness, it’s in fact dangerous for you to not to start training in highly efficient programs like m.e.l.t. & IN30 (as opposed to using machines, cardio equipment or nothing at all), or for you not to use heavier weights & harder progressions.  Why? Because our perfectly imperfect machines are designed to handle challenge and grow!


Today I encourage you to push beyond your known limits. Break out of your box and do something uncomfortable that will ignite that eternal fire that’s deep inside you. Trust me when I tell you, it’s there – ya just need a spark to ignite the fire and keep it lit.










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