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On Fear for the Future

Happy Monday!


People often speculate on the future, and not always in a positive fashion.


I’ve heard it remarked so often–always along the lines of:  “Well, this is the world we live in these days, everything is going to hell!”


I get it.


The Internet & technology are changing the way we do everything. What we see today is just the tipping point for our future. As a result, societal norms, jobs, and much of what we are used to are all changing drastically.


Look, I’d be lying if I said I don’t sometimes get overwhelmed when thinking about what the world will look like and have concern with how I and we will adapt.


But here’s the thing: technology, innovation and the internet are all going to continually evolve whether we want them to or not. So focusing on what we can control is the only thing we can do.


Not to mention, evolution (change through adaption) is the primary reason why you and I are living today. Change (growth) is fundamental to survival. Without new, uncomfortable challenges there is no growth.


Think about our history.


Could you imagine giving an iPhone to someone walking the streets in 1912? A device that you can talk demands into, find the answer to anything through, take pictures, make and edit a movie, shine light, talk to someone on the other end, connect to someone across the world etc., we could go on and on with its features but in favor of not sounding like a futurists or an Apple commercial, lets just think about how society would respond to that device.


People would lose their sh*t!


You could make the argument that iPhones (and all smart phones) are “ruining” communication and making us dumber, but you can’t overlook all the good things that are happening in the world solely because of these devices.


Everything in life has a positive and a negative side to it.


As someone who cares deeply about our environment and emission of fossil fuels, I’m not ready to give up my car and travel by horse and buggy.


There is and will always be good in everything, we just need to look for it.


Being fearful of what the future will bring will only put us at a disadvantage. We as a human race have proven time and time again that no matter the state of the world or the innovation we’re faced with, we have the capacity to adapt and overcome. What happens in the future will be no different.










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