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Fulfillment Not Happiness

Happy Monday!



What fills you up?


We are led to believe that in life, happiness is the goal. Being happy is enjoyable so why not pursue what makes you happy? Makes sense, right?


But in this narrow search, we lose sight of the fundamental truth; that life is not one-sided. There is no perpetual state of happiness – that would be a fantasy and as you know, fantasies are not real.


We think we want everything to go our way all the time and to get whatever we want.  But if/when that happens, we feel a bit hollow, or some negative force that pulls us back into balance, equilibrating the good with the bad.


Our Goal in Life Should NOT be Happiness.


If we blindly chase happiness, we are only setting ourselves up to be let down. The “If I only had…” mentality always leads to a serious let down.  If we are too focused on the good/positive charge we ignore the downside/negative charge, which throws off our mental state when the evitable happens. So even if we are able to achieve the goal we thought was all we needed, the letdown is even greater when we realize that we aren’t satisfied and want more.


This isn’t to say being happy is bad. But if happiness is all we want, we ignore the other side of reality and it eventually hits us like a ton of bricks.


Choosing Fulfillment Leads to Happiness



Here’s how we can choose fulfillment on a day to day basis:

  • Practice opening yourself to people and activities that make you feel full each day: It’s too easy to take for granted the unconditional love and relationships we are lucky enough to have when we are in pursuit of happiness and relentlessly focused on the next thing we have to do.


  • Be positive and optimistic in your pursuits: But be realistic and expect there to be challenges and obstacles along the way. Knowing that obstacles will be in the way of our pursuits yet overcoming them is how we achieve the greatest sense of fulfillment.


  • Practice self gratitude: In the midst of our busy world, we somehow lose sight of the importance of small wins like showing up for your workout and making a few healthy decisions each day NOT to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Too often, we fixate on what we think we are not, what we don’t have, and what we didn’t do. Start giving yourself credit for all you are and all you do do. (not doo doo).


What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop a line, I love hearing from you!




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