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What Can You Do That You Would Do Today

Happy Monday!


What can do you that you would do today?


On One Hand, Most Of Us Operate Slightly Under Our Potential


It’s the famous navy seal “20x” in which the military found, by studying human performance that at any given time, that we are 20 times more capable than we think we are.


While I’ve never been able to quantify it, this is something I know to be true just from all my years of coaching people and listening to their doubts that they could never do one of our workouts, or do a push-up, or a 225 lb. deadlift or an adventure race. But no matter what the accomplishment, we’ve had someone accomplish it over the past 10 years…someone who didn’t believe they could at first.


On The Other Hand, We All Know There Are Things We CAN Do That We DON’T Do


Even with our own fear & doubt that anchor us down, we still know there’s stuff we can do. The problem with this is that if we are not specific & intentional with what “we would do,” there will always be a surplus of what we know we can do .vs. what we actually do.  This mere observation can become self defeating, which causes us to do less because after all, what’s the point?


And Then We Get Caught In An “All Or Nothing” Mindset


Where it all comes to a crashing halt is that “all or nothing” mindset—where it’s easier to do nothing at all than a little something because the thought of doing everything is too overwhelming.


Conceptually, I understand. And I have been preaching “progress NOT perfection” for most of my fitness career!  Even still, that “all or nothing” mindset is something I have to continually muscle through in all aspects of my life—regularly!


For example: this very morning, I wasn’t feeling 100% or even close to it, but I did decide to wake up early to do some mobility & hit the steam room. In the steam room, I typically like to hit 4 sets of 25 reps of various body weight movements.


[***Important Note: I do not recommend you perform any movement in a sauna or steam room, there are many risk factors and things that can go wrong (like a heart attack!). If you feel you must try it, get your Doctor’s explicit permission first; then ensure you are plenty hydrated, have hydration handy, do less than you think you should do and have someone in there with you.]


As I was saying… I knew it would be a stretch for me to put in that volume of reps today so I was just going to not do any movement at all.


But then I caught myself and asked, “What can I do that I will do today?” and found a number I did feel comfortable with – 10 reps “that I would do.” So I did 10 reps of each movement and felt a sense of accomplishment which is far more empowering than feeling a sense of failure of not doing anything at all.

There are a million of examples like this that I can share but my goal for you today is to start thinking in terms of what can you do that you would do today rather than just what you should do.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t think big or that you should settle. Just remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.


I’ve found through the years that the most productive use of setting big goals is to set you in a direction of growth, NOT to actually achieve those goals. Accomplishing any of those goals would be icing on the cake but when you put yourself on a path to do something you’ve never done, you’re going to learn so much more about yourself that will lead to a better, more fulfilling life.


That’s the macro view. The micro view is thinking in terms of realistic, small steps forward that you would do so that you achieve Empowerment .vs. Self-Defeat.


So then. What can you do that you would do today?









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